Skiturer kongsmarkKongsmark offers fantastic skiing country for both adults and children. The winter weather is more stable here than in the rest of Lofoten.

Jakt kongsmark 02Kongsmark and Raftsundet are popular areas for small game hunting. A hunting lodge and Sámi-style turf hut have been built in the mountains there and can be used as a base.

Havfiske kongsmarkTake a guided fishing trip starting at the abundant Raftsundet strait which links together the waters of Lofoten and the Hadselfjord.

Isfiske kongsmarkIn winter Kongsmark offers excellent scope for ice fishing in the 10 fishing lakes that surround the accommodations. Char and trout are the order of the day.

Trollfjorden kongsmark ing2Join us on a boat ride to the mighty, majestic Trollfjord in the Raftsundet strait. The trip also includes a little deep-sea fishing, and if we are lucky we will see white-tailed eagles at close quarters.

Fjellturer kongsmark 01The mountains surrounding Kongsmark and Raftsundet offer amazing opportunities for both easy and more demanding walks. There are also marked hiking trails in the area.

Ferskvannsfiske kongsmarkKongsmark's 10 fishing lakes and rivers offer excellent fishing in an easily accessible area. Freshwater fishing is popular amongst adults and children alike.