OmKongsmark01Kongsmark is pleasantly situated in the border area between Vesterålen and Lofoten. The tiny, idyllic hamlet has a sheltered location by the Raftsundet strait which links together the Vestfjord and the Hadselfjord.

In the Raftsundet strait we find the famous Trollfjord, surrounded by mountains that tower up to heights of 1045 metres above sea level, literally straight up from the sea. The area offers magnificent countryside with mighty mountains and lakes, and rivers abundant in fish. The Raftsundet offers perfect conditions for fishing from land and sheltered conditions for fishing from boats.

The nearest shop is in Digermulen, 20 km from Kongsmark. It is 56 km to Lofoten's commercial centre, Svolvær, and 70 km to the commercial centre of Sortland in Vesterålen.